Black women embrace enhanced bodies

September 15, 2017 Dalinda Ifill 0

Dalinda Ifill-Pressat
For some African-American women, the natural features and body-types that were once celebrated as “black is beautiful” have evolved to represent a new meaning that involves cosmetic surgery/procedures to enhance their body shapes and facial features.

Grandmothers change appearances, but not roles

September 15, 2017 Dalinda Ifill 0

Dalinda Ifill-Pressat
Grandmothers are often sit at the core of African-American families, as the respected matriarch. While the fundamental role grandmothers have in African American culture is still notable in present-day grandmothers, the image changed. The physical representation of a grandmother has evolved to represent a glamorous way of life – a way of life that embraces the 21st century phenomenon of being a “glam-ma.”

#BlackWomenAtWork hits home

April 28, 2017 Ciara Speller 0

Ciara Speller
When the trending hashtag #BlackWomenAtWork appeared March 28, it initiated a movement and gave black women a chance to have their voices heard about workplace bias.

Converting natural hair to sew-in weaves

April 22, 2015 Marcelle Hutchins 0

Hair extensions and weaves can add volume and length to hair and many African-American women have used them. Weaves are applied by braiding natural hair into horizontal cornrows or tracks, and sewing strips of wefted hair on to the plaits.