The Broadway Bomb 2012

December 18, 2012 patrick_welter 0

Every October for the last ten years longboarders have been cruising all the way down Broadway in Manhattan. The Eight mile race had largely gone on unnoticed until this year.

Jason Bottiglio Boylston Session

December 18, 2012 patrick_welter 0

Jason Bottiglio is a twenty four year old North End waiter. At least that’s what his linkedin profile would say….if he had one. See Jason has a different set of career goals, it’s not his work that defines him, it’s his passion, longboarding.

Boston LB Does The Slide

December 18, 2012 patrick_welter 0

The way to brake on a skateboard is called a slide, a method of turning where the friction of the wheels against the pavement causes the board to decrease in speed.

Recycling Fashion

December 17, 2012 Enid Calo 0

By Enid Calo 12/17/2012 Second-hand shopping is becoming more popular in Boston. Fashion is starting to recycle itself and these second hand stores are providing […]

Gosh Golly Molly

December 17, 2012 Georgiaree Godfrey 0

By Georgiaree Godfrey 12/17/2012 Molly Baskette was raised in Hartford, Connecticut. She spent much of her week at her United Church of Christ attending bible […]