Excessive workouts can lead to Injuries

By Felecia Bearden


Studies show that for some athletes, missing a workout is not an option.

An article published by medicalnewstoday.com reports that overexercising among those involved in activities that require physical beauty and physical performance can lead to exercise disorders.

Some health experts believe that working out too much can also cause a significant amount of damage and injures to both women and men.

Physical therapist Amy Devaney agreed with the report and said a lot of injuries come from being repetitious.

“A lot of injuries tend to be overuse,” said Devaney. “When they get pushed to do too much and they are already doing the same motion repetitively, then it can lead to injuries.”

Devaney also stated that injuries could happen from not getting enough rest or down time in between workouts or performances.

University of Arkansas Pine Bluff Cheerleading Coach Karen Blunt agreed with Devaney and said that she tries to split strenuous workouts between days to keep from causing fatigue.

“We pretty much workout four days a week,” said Blunt. “But for a few of those days, I split between weights and doing individual practices.”

But Devaney also said that these injuries are likely to happen outside of their regular workout schedule set by their coaches.

“I think it happens everywhere,” said Devaney. If you’re doing a high-level exercise or technique and you don’t have somebody guiding you or watching you or telling you that that’s not proper form, then I can see an injury happening.”

Devaney stated that some of these injuries could be passed down to other parts of the body as well.

Northeastern University cheerleader Cara Palino doesn’t believe her injury was the cause of overexercising but she said that her injury happened outside practice due twisting her ankle.

“I was on a run,” said Pallino. “And a woman kind of cut in front of me on the sidewalk. So, I tried going around her. But when I did, I rolled my ankle in little ditch. I didn’t realize until I got home and was like, ‘Oh, Cara you sprained your ankle. Probably shouldn’t have done that.”

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