A New Recovery of Business

Businesses are trying to recover Photo by Rubi Enlise

By Sherry Sah

Life is different for businesses that sell nail care products, but some business owners are coming up with different approaches to reconnect with their clients.

Rubi Enlise, is a nail technician at Boobeauty located in Manchester Conn. Because of COVID-19, she has lost so many of her clients and moved her businesses online selling nail polishes and other nail accessories. On June 1, she made it her mission to regain her clients back and make new clients when reopening her store.

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Taken by Rubi Enlise

“I am doing my best to follow the guidelines. On my social media outlets where clients can book me, there are links to websites, such as the Center for Disease Control home page,  where people can get factual information before booking me,” said Enlise. “This has caused me to gain more clients.” 

People should rely on trustworthy organizations and sources. When reopening there were many unreliable sources about the coronavirus. Without any proper knowledge about the virus, it is so easy for people to believe the fake information.

 “At first, I was just reading tweets about the virus because I was scared to tune in and watch the news outlets. I knew nothing about the virus and I forced myself to learn about it.  I went to many organizations, discussed with doctors in my local area to receive more information. I was out of work for three months, and I want more information before I can reopen,” said Enlise. 

Personal care workers are seeking new ways to make an income without going bankrupt or out of business. They are finding adventurous ways to have an effective business by having factual sources on their pages so customers can also be educated on in terms of what is going on. Store owners are trying to reach out to more clients online.  

“I still have my online business where I sell my nail polishes but I am doing nails again. With the online business of selling nail polish,  it has prompted me to receive more nail clients,” said Enlise. 

People want to feel safe in the hands of their personal care attendants.  Adowa Wiredu is a new client for Boobybeauty who lives in Windsor, Conn.  She said what attracted her to Enlise’s page was the links to reliable sources about the Coronavirus.

“When I saw her page, I was shocked that she had information on the coronavirus,” said Wiredu. “I felt super safe with her because she actually took the time to get information and share it with the public,” she said.

Enlise has made her success by having two options by having an online business and doing nails in person. This has built her clientele and she has a better income than what she has before.  But other businesses have set up other ways to build up their clientele. 

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Taken by Zmanis Mensah

Zmanis Mensah who is a barber that travels around the world. His two barbershops are called Mr. Kexco, one is located in East Hartford Conn. and the other one is located in Virginia. He knows that COVID-19 has frozen the economy.  But he wants people to still get their haircuts. “I do not have a set price for my haircuts when I am traveling, I tell people to pay me what they can,” Mensah said. Zmanis

Many people have called Mensah  to travel to their houses to get a haircut. On his traveling routines, he brings an extra mask, cleanser such as sanitization, and a big black chair for his client to sit on. He wants his clients to feel comfortable and safe.

“Going to my client’s house, people often feel safe because it is in the midst of their house, they do not have to worry about other people while being in the shop,” he said. 

 Mensah even goes as far cutting his client’s hair on their front porch. According to the CDC, the coronavirus can live on surfaces. So being outside there aren’t many surfaces where the virus can live on. 

 “I like cutting my hair outside, and I feel like it makes my client feel super safe,” said Mensah.

 His clients have appreciated his hardworking skills and how he accommodates their needs because of the pandemic.  Kelvin Morris, age 22, who is a resident in East Hartford Conn. loves  getting his  haircuts from Mensah  at his house.

“ I like the fact that I can get a haircut at my house and outside.  Due to the virus I had lost my job and money has been very tight,” said Morrison. 

 Clients said they respected Mensah hustle when traveling.

 “I do not even have a car and it is great that I can book my appointments with Mensah and he can travel to give me a haircut. Not only that, I have a big social media platform, so I tell my friends about his great service,” said Morisson. 

According to Asset Digital Communication  32,000,000,000 use social media. This is a way where businesses can sell their products because it is such a wide variety of people.

With people prompting him on social media, his clientele has expanded. He is getting so many new customers and with this he has to be extremely careful when it comes to dealing with  new clients. “I have to really sanizaties my equipment twice, I still follow the standard guidelines but I am very cautious because I have to be extra clean,” said Mensah. 

 Even though Mensah has so many clients, he still needs to follow the guidelines that are set in place.  Making sure that everything is clean before and after a client  to help contain the virus. He also has himself and his clients  temperatures check before getting into his chair. 

“I am doing all that I can to contain the virus, but I am still building my clinite. The coronavirus had me not working for 3 whole months and I lost so much money. Since they reopen businesses I am doing everything in my power to stack up my money. Who knows when a second wave will come and everything will be closed down again,” said Mensah.

Enisle and  Mensah  are doing the best that they can to generate the economy with new business tactics. They are trying to find the best ways to reopen the economy, but  they will have to address one major obstacle: how to regenerate the economy.

 “We are not giving up and we are doing everything in our power to keep our business alive,” said Enlise. 

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