An introduction to fitness fads in Beantown

By Ashley Allen


The desire to constantly improve oneself is human nature. It’s survival of the fittest, only the strongest make it through. According to a 2013 Harris Poll, only 33 percent of Americans are content with themselves and the lives they live, but why is this? Unfortunately, many of the endless joys of life are held together by snarled up threads of stress. Work, family, and income can all attribute to anxiety and dismay, but some have found a cure that doesn’t involve a prescription.

Over the years individuals have flocked to numerous fitness fads like the Bowflex at-home-gym, Zumba classes, balance bracelets and stripper-pole-aerobics, where you can simultaneously learn how to be sexy while building a rock-hard body. Fitness fads continue to rise and fall in popularity because they promise lightning fast results but often fail to deliver.

Boston is consistently ranked in the top 10 for “fittest” U.S cities. In fact, Forbes magazine recently named Boston as the third healthiest city, falling behind Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. Although the majority of people living in Beantown are physically fit, how they maintain their fitness varies. Let’s explore the the trending fitness “fads” that currently exist in Boston, and look into which ones are likely to stay, and which will most likely fizzle out.

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Ashley Allen is a web reporter for New England Sports Network, and is pursuing her Masters in Journalism at Emerson College. Ashley is a Boston sports fan, a native to Portland Maine, an outdoors enthusiast and lover of lacrosse and labradoodles.