Bostonians name 4 ways to keep fitness affordable in the city

By Ashley Allen


For a lot of people, fitness can be a hard thing to squeeze into a busy day, and oftentimes it’s the first thing to get cut from the priority list, especially when getting in shape is costly. According to a 2013 national study, the average gym membership costs between $40 and $60 a month, but the reality is most of the “hip,” “trendy” gyms offering the most desirable classes are much more.

Facilities offering specialized fitness programs such as yoga, Pilates, and barre studios, boxing, CrossFit, and MMA gyms, and “name brand” clubs such as Barry’s Bootcamp, can cost upward of $100 a month.

Kaylee Bugg said she has been trying to get in shape, but that can’t afford to attend the “trendy” classes a lot of her friends go to.

Bostonians Name 4 Ways to Manage Finances And Fitness:

1) Run Outside: Boston-based semi-professional marathoner, Amanda Nurse explained how running outside during the warm months saves her a lot of money.

2) Don’t pay for classes outside of your gym membership: Boston yogi Amy Allen tells how she saves money by taking specialized fitness classes offered at her gym.

3) Check your priorities: Boston jujitsu artist, Edwin Frias, said fitness should always be a priority when evaluating a budget.

4) Check with employers and health insurance agencies  to see if they offer a gym membership discount: New England health specialist Peter Allen noted that many employers and health insurance agencies are adopting a new approach to health coverage.

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