Somerville’s environmental justice communities deal with brunt of pollution

July 20, 2021 Tyler Haughn 0

Most areas located along Interstate 93 in Somerville are defined as Environmental Justice communities. These neighborhoods are more racially and ethnically diverse compared to any other part of Somerville and are less affluent. This is why researchers and advocates are leading efforts to install HEPA air purifiers in homes near I-93 to protect the city’s most vulnerable residents. However, challenges remain both locally and on a state level.

Somerville residents confront pollution along I-93

July 17, 2021 Tyler Haughn 0

Somerville residents are fighting to address pollution in their city. Interstate 93 weaves throughout east Somerville, leaving behind a trail of air and noise pollution people living nearby must deal with. This fight against pollution is being led by Somerville resident and local advocate Ellin Reisner.