Social media and the #bodypos movement

April 26, 2016 Alexandra Prim 0

Alexandra Prim

Even Caitlin Marceau sometimes finds herself thinking body-shaming thoughts. “Ugh, I’m so fat,” and “I don’t have a good enough body for this dress,” are phrases that have passed through every woman’s head at some point, but Marceau actively fights this mentality as much as she’s able.

Fashionable knows no size

April 24, 2016 Alexandra Prim 0

Alexandra Prim

Most brick-and-mortar stores only carry women’s clothing sizes zero through 12, but many resourceful women work around the average size restrictions to show off their distinct personal styles.

Growing up big

April 21, 2016 Alexandra Prim 0

Alexandra Prim

The first time Laura Cole was called fat, she was seven years old and it was by a boy at school. For her, that was the turning point.