How society combats local anti-Semitism

By Max Mallet


Anti-Semitism is a complex issue with both obvious and subtle roots.  The ADL has a list of steps that people can take to help combat against prejudices of all kinds, anti-Semitism included.  These steps involved making our workplaces, houses of worship, schools and homes prejudice-free zones. complex societal prejudice requires all branches of society working in conjunction with one another to stop it – namely, the government, the religious community and academia.

Government officials can affect changes in discrimination and hate-crime laws, while law enforcement serves as the arm of the law.  Religious leaders have the ear of their congregations and can work across religious lines to promote tolerance.  Academics can educate young people to be able to recognize and abstain from anti-Semitic behavior.

Click below to listen to experts in these fields talk about the ability that they have to combat this unique form of prejudice.






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