Courtney Wills

By Ke Xu



courtney wills

School: Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Major: Sociology (Social Work and Women’s Studies)

Position: Residential Counselor at Bay State Community Services

Salary: about $1,600/month (after taxes)

“It always a feel to me,” Wills said when she explains why she chose the major. “I always want to help people. I originally want to do nursing. That just had too much science for me. So I decided that social work would be better.”

She said she applied for  100 different jobs before she got interview for her current job. “That was the only interview I had in my field.” Wills said. “I found it on…I sent them an email with my resume and cover letter and they sent an email back.”

Wills felt she was one among the underemployed college graduates. She works with 8 teenagers and deals with issues ranging from parental problems to substance abuse to emotional issues.

Listen to what Wills said about her current job

Courtney Wills

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