Defining the roots of anti-Semitism

By Max Mallet


Anti-Semitism is hardly a new phenomenon. The Jewish people have been persecuted for their beliefs and customs over the millennia, but perhaps most famously during the Spanish Inquisition, Russian pogroms and of course, the Holocaust.

Thankfully, what anti-Semitism we do see in 2015 Massachusetts is nothing in comparison to those state-organized atrocities mentioned above. The anti-Semitism that we do see here is perpetrated by individuals and on a much, much smaller scale than the types of anti-Semitism that make national news headlines.

But where does anti-Semitism come from? What are some common notions that anti-Semites hold? Click on the audio link below to hear what both Jews and non-Jews have to say on the matter.


Here is the link to the Slate podcast that identifies the origin of the myth that Jews have horns.

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