Exposing Local Anti-Semitism

By Max Mallet


Anti-Semitism has been prominent in the media landscape so far in 2015 — both globally and locally.  After the attack on the Kosher market in Paris in the brief aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo murders, many politicians made promises about supporting Jewish communities in their country and combating anti-Semitism.  However, such proclamations are often vague.  What is society actually doing to actually combat this form of prejudice?  Where does this prejudice come from?  This is an issue with much nuance and complexity, but I aim to answer it to the best of my abilities with this project.

Anti-Semitism is also an issue here in Massachusetts.  There have been a few incidents where swastika graffiti has been discovered at high schools and institutions of higher learning.  Over 60 percent of anti-religious hate crimes in Massachusetts are anti-Semitic in nature — and only four percent of the Massachusetts population identifies as Jewish.  To put things in perspective, below is a chart comparing  anti-Semitic hate crime numbers in Massachusetts with other states.

Hate Crime Data 3



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