Finding greener ways to get around

By Korey O’Brien


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A vehicle at a charging station in front of City Hall

For drivers who are concerned about emissions caused from their cars or those who complain because the subway made them late for work, Boston is reaching a newer and possibly greener way of getting around.

Efforts have been made in recent years to make the city more accessible to different modes of transportation.

Boston recently started a program to install charging stations throughout the city. Director of Policy and Planning for the City of Boston Vineet Gupta said that this program is the spark for others to follow.

“There are now garages all over the city that have charging stations inside them and have spaces set aside to do this,” said Gupta.

Biking is another way to get around quickly with virtually zero carbon emissions. But just six years ago, Boston was known as the worst biking city in the country.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 4.25.33 PM
A Hubway station near the Arlington subway stop.

Director of Boston Bikes Nicole Freedman said the city has been working on a variety of measures to make Boston a “world-class bicycling city.”

She credited some of the successes over the past few years to the Hubway bike share program.

“Biking has increased 83 percent. And with Hubway we see ‘well what were people doing before?’” said Freedman. “The trips come from everywhere whether it was public transit, walking, biking, etcetera. So it’s really having a pretty big impact.”

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