Glossary of scientific terms on big data use

Algorithms: computer programs that sort big data to find trends and unique points within the data, detailed ideas that implement pieces of software, or components of a piece of software

Biocomputation: The science of taking genetic information from thousands of patients and designing algorithms to sort and find common genes associated with certain pathologies

Bio-marker: A gene associated with a strong development of a disease. If detected early in a patient could lead to better medical outcomes. Biocomputation aims to finding such bio-markers.

Computerized Tomography: A process that uses generated X-rays to produce virtual slices of the image being taken.

Bronchoscopy: A medical procedure which a device is inserted through either the nose or mouth down the trachea to procure a sample of lung tissue.

Microarrays: A large-scale lab experiment utilizing up to thousands of samples to generate big data to be later sorted by sophisticated algorithms

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