Gosh Golly Molly

By Georgiaree Godfrey


Molly Baskette was raised in Hartford, Connecticut. She spent much of her week at her United Church of Christ attending bible study, service, and even participating in summer youth camps. Here she first experienced Christ’s unconditional love, a feeling she was not willing to let go.

She used this passion to direct her life into ministry. She has been ordained for 14 years. She has traveled the world and lived in voluntary poverty to spread the love of God she knew so well.

She is now the Reverend of First Church Somerville. When she first arrived there, Sunday services only boasted attendance of about 30 or 40 members each week. She coins the congregation as being small but mighty.

The church had already voted yes to being open and affirming. The church was working on reconstructing its new identity. Baskette encouraged the church to embrace its identity by hanging a pride flag over the door. A way to help identify the church as a safe place.

As the years passed, attendance numbers increased. Not because more gay people started attending church, but because visitors and members alike feel welcome. They feel included no matter what their difference may be.

Baskette has been a key component in the modernization of the church. She is a strong advocate of progressive Christianity. She does not want to abandon traditions or religious principles; however, she does want people to realize that society is ever changing and theology and humanity needs to adjust with it.

Baskette also knows that the church’s mission doesn’t end once a visitor steps inside the door. Spreading love and the word of God is an ongoing process that needs to always be relevant.

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This Southern Belle is exploring the big city. Georgiaree Godfrey is a second-year graduate student hailing from the Deep South. Her interest in history and culture brought her to the Beantown. This semester she channeled her curiosity and invested time in discovering the religious world of the LGBT community.

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