Kristen Peters

By Ke Xu



School: Stonehill College

Major: Business Management

Position: Assistant Events Coordinator at Chamber Theatre Productions

Salary: $1,400/month (after taxes)

Peters started applying to jobs around April 2012. She applied for more than 20 jobs before she got the current one.

“I feel the theatre industry is very difficult… because it is a such small community.” She said. After she finished her internship in New York last summer, she was offered an apprenticeship in Connecticut and the current one. “But the apprenticeship didn’t pay as well. So I ended up with taking this job over that, which I probably would have preferred. But in this situation, I did have to take payment.”

For Peters, the current job is a transitional one. “I think it is a stepping-stone until what I really want to be doing.”

Tips for Class of 2013 from Peters, “Be prepared to be overwhelmed and underwhelmed. To know that you are not going to get what you want.”

“We know we are not alone,” said Alex Ciesielski, Peters’s co-worker and friend. “We know that that’s the reality of this economy. I think coming out of college, we expected it to be better magically. But in the back of our minds, we knew we are going to struggle.”

Listen to what Peters said about her current job

kristen Peters

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