MIAA Responds to Framingham

The Framingham school district, who recently passed an inclusive policy for transgender athletes, represents an anomaly—an unprecedented exclamation of inclusivity. But do absolutes constitute progress or restrictions?

Dick Baker, assistant director of the MIAA, offers an answer.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association is the governing body for high school athletics in the state. The MIAA lacks a specific policy outlining eligibility for student athletes who want to play the sport that aligns with their gender identity rather than their gender assigned at birth.

In the association’s handbook, the rule leaves the final decision regarding eligibility for transgender student athletes to the school the student attends. The result is a case-by-case determination of eligibility rather than an absolute, inclusive rule.

An active member of the MIAA for 14 years, Baker said he supports the Framingham policy to a certain extent.

While Baker is unsure if the Framingham policy will result in any systematic changes within the MIAA, he said they will review their current policy and determine if revisions are needed.