Navigating finding a mental health care provider

By Amanda Best 


Although many factors influence the mental health stigma in the black community, health providers urge  against giving up hope. They say plenty of ways are available to practice a proper mental health regimen and numerous resources as well.

Here’s  a look at the different types of mental health professionals and their roles.

Licensed therapist and mental health YouTube presenter Kati Morton explains in her video “Which type of therapy is right for me?” how to start searching for a therapist.


African-American National Psychologist and Therapist Resources 

Finding a therapist can be intimidating, but here are few resources to make this process just a little bit easier. Although please be advised this this listing does not constitute recommendation or endorsement:

African-American Local Psychology and Therapist Resources:

  • If looking for help on the local level, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Boston provides a Mental and Medical Health List that includes several providers (federal and state agencies).
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration ‘s(SAMHSA) mental health locator can narrow  research by zip code, distance to travel, and then services needed.
  • Psychology Today Find a Therapist allows browsing of profiles of top therapists in the Boston area.
  • Good also allows browsing of therapists’ profiles, based on location and preferences.
(Photo: screenshot of University of Mass. Boston Website profile)
(Photo: screenshot of University of Mass. Boston Website profile)

Tahirah Abdullah, assistant professor of psychology at the University of  Massachusetts Bostone xplains the importance of “therapist shopping.”


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