Q & A with health professionals

By Ashley Allen


Dr. Ian Nurse and healthy living professional Peter Allen talk about common fitness-related injuries, how to prevent injury, and how to get in shape safely.

Ian Nurse

Dr. Ian Nurse is the founder of Wellness in Motion in Boston, and has successfully treated a range of patients: Olympic-level runners, recreational athletes, musicians, individuals dealing with work-related injuries, even grandparents seeking more active/pain-free lives with their families.

As a marathon runner and a member of the Boston Athletic Association, Nurse has endured many overuse injuries of his own. Unwilling to accept the typical response: “If it hurts when you run, you should stop” that he received when seeking relief from his various injuries,  Nurse turned to chiropractic and Active Release Techniques (A.R.T.). Active release techniques work by moving the nerve throughout the tissue to the maximum extent possible by manually adjusting every joint and body part that the nerve crosses.  Chiropractic techniques that focus on neuromuscular disorders with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and manipulation of the spine.

Q1: As a health-care professional in the Boston area, what are some of the most common workout-related injuries you see?

Q2: How can people wanting to get in shape prevent overuse injuries?

Peter Allen

Peter Allen creates fitness programs for the aging population across New England. Allen said the majority of injuries he sees come from years of overuse, or from individuals trying to kick-start themselves back into shape.

Q3: Do you think the younger generation has a particular fitness-related mindset that leads to overuse injuries as they age?

Q4: How important is one’s comfort level with the fitness facility and or the workout plan when first getting back into shape?

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