Schuyler Bailar: Changing College Athletics

courtesy Schuyler Bailar

The typical swimmer look – broad shoulders and slender legs.

But Schuyler Bailar is not just a typical swimmer. He is a trailblazer.

Bailar is the first openly transgender male to compete in Division I collegiate athletics.

While Bailar has endured negativity during his collegiate experience, he uses his love of swimming as a platform for self expression and happiness.

Kevin Tyrrell, head coach of the Harvard University men’s swim team, encouraged Bailar to join the men’s team. He has coached Bailar for three seasons.

“Schuyler has gotten faster each year. That is his primary role,” Tyrrell said. “Other than that he’s a great member of our swim team family that is always there for each other.”

Tyrrell refuses to differentiate Bailar from any other swimmer on his team. “Schuyler is like all of my swimmers,” he said. “They are all young adults figuring out their place in the world.”