Spring 2013

SurviveandThriveBoston.com is the home for the multimedia reporting projects of the Cross-media Capstone class in Journalism. Students in this capstone class are all graduate students in the final semesters of their Emerson College Journalism program. The stories in these projects focus on the people, communities, organizations and trends that survive and thrive in Boston today. They are aimed to engage everyone, but particularly people under the age of 35.
People with Asperger’s are not puzzle. But developing independence in adulthood can be difficult for some to put the pieces together.
The Chinese graduate students are booming on U.S campuses. What are attracting them and what’s the impact?
The CrossFit workout focuses on extreme moves and camaraderie–but will it have longterm success?
Prescription drugs: How and why this so-called remedy has rapidly become a fierce killer.
Some 2012 college graduates are underemployed. Is it a problem and who is to blame for it?
How Boston has helped the former counterculture become pop.
Although 12 years have passed since the 9/11 attacks, Boston’s young Muslims still struggle to be accepted. Can one be both a Muslim and an American?
It’s no secret nitrogen is polluting Buzzards Bay, but is there a solution?
Is breed specific legislation the answer, or is there another solution?
Exploring the relevance of early music in the 21st Century. Does classical music have a future?
Extending in-state tuition to Massachusetts’ undocumented youth would create additional revenue, provide a skilled workforce, and open up a future to thousands. So why so much resistance?
Forget about the past, it’s time to see the NEW Chinese American women!
With the toughest gun laws in the nation, why has gun violence in Massachusetts gotten worse?
Homeless Youth: Who are they? Where are they? And what is being done to prevent them from becoming chronically homeless adults?