Spring 2016

The Wampanoag Tribe of Mashpee is close to making their casino become a reality, once again illuminating the multi-faceted concept of Indian gaming.
Each year, innocent people are wrongfully convicted and imprisoned. Why is this still happening?
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Dancers struggle with eating disorders, injury and money management. But they love what they do.
Find out the future of robotic limbs. Is it possible for us to undo all the physical disabilities?

All women and girls are faced with body issues to overcome. These can manifest in different, often harmful ways.

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To some, trangender rights is seen as the new frontier of civil rights, to others, an issue of public safety.

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Food is an essential part of life, but it can be life threatening for those with food allergies. Dining out, traveling, or attending their friend’s birthday can be a challenge.


Lift the veil of the service dog: learn the rules and solve any misconceptions you may have about their use.


Facing anti-Muslim hatred in the US is an essential step to better understanding Islam and how radical Islamists do not speak for all Muslims.

How does one living in America but born in China define home and homeland? This is the journey of love among Chinese adoptees and their US families.


Take a look at Intimate Partner Violence and the challenges many face to survive the trauma.


Millennials seek a new sense of community in an urban setting, revitalizing Boston’s housing and social scenes.