Spring 2017

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employment discrimination based on various identifiers including race and gender. Yet countless African-American women in various sectors of the workforce still face racial and gender discrimination on a daily basis. Examine how this issue impacts the everyday lives and well-being of black women through the eyes of locals who have been dealt this card.
Psychedelic drugs were used for centuries until 60s counter-culture led to their criminalization. Recent developments in research will change mainstream perception on psychedelic use.
High-profile female politicians in the media, like Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton, make it seem like more women are taking prominent positions in public office. But the number of female legislators in the U.S. has plateaued over the last two decades. Take a look at what it's like to run as a female candidate and the initiatives to encourage more women to enter politics.
Zero waste may seem like an oxymoron in terms of how the United States now produces waste, but many are working to change that. Its advocates say the movement seeks systematic change in the way we produce and consume goods by creating a circular economy that reuses all material. And, this movement is picking up speed.
Single mothers are taking double duty when raising children. They are under more pressure, but they still need to stay strong for their kids. They are on their own and they don't have a partner to lean on. Examine the most common problems that single mothers face and how the Boston area organizations support them.
Older Americans are forging a new path into later life. They are much more inclined to stay employed than previous generations, out of either necessity or desire. Look at the people over 50 who still stay on the jobs and explore the challenges some of these people are facing while finding jobs.
This project explores the effect that modern psychological theories have on political issues that adversely affect women, such as the impact that perceptions of women's moral development has on abortion, whether the Bathroom Bill is an outright attack on "femininity" and lastly, what it means to identify as a feminist.
Mental health is a serious issue in the black community where it is quite misunderstood and heavily stigmatized. Communities of color are consistently faced with challenges in accessing mental health care services and providers.