Journalism Schools Take on Anti-Racism

August 11, 2020 Maxwell Carter 0

As the journalism industry grapples with cries of racism from within its ranks, journalism schools must make a choice about how to guide the next generation of media makers. Black professors and students alike feel it’s urgent to see more diverse newsrooms.

Restaurant Employees Embracing Change

August 10, 2020 James Gatlin 0

Over the past few months, fewer industries have faced more uncertainty than dining. As owners of restaurants in Massachusetts and the North End, in particular, adjust to adhere to social distancing guidelines, their jobs have changed as they try to stay in business.

Customers Adjust to a New Normal

August 10, 2020 James Gatlin 0

After months of only takeout, every state is now allowing dine-in eating in some capacity. Over the past few months, many businesses have been sheltered, as Massachusetts flattened the curve. As the state has gradually reopened, owners are happy to be welcoming back customers, despite numerous changes. Like restaurant workers, customers are adjusting to a new normal.