Tech Evolution: or how we learned to stop worrying and love the OS

By: Katie O’Donnell


I’m a video game baby. I have never lived in a world without the Super Mario Bros. running around trying to find the princess. It’s hard to imagine how video games have evolved from text based computer games that were only played by a handful of people in the 1970s to cheap apps available on every smart phone.

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Katie O'Donnell holds degrees in Journalism, Politics, and cosplaying. Ok, maybe not cosplaying, but she frequents cons and other events of a geeky nature. She writes and produces for WEBN Boston, Political and JSONS. She is the Co-Executive Political Producer for WEBN Boston and has co-produced the station's 2012 live election night show "Fate of the Nation" and the 2013 Presidential Inauguration special "America:The Next Four Years." When not reporting she can be seen with either a book or a videogame on the T.