The Broadway Bomb 2012

By Pat Welter


Every October for the last ten years longboarders have been cruising all the way down Broadway in Manhattan. The Eight mile race had largely gone on unnoticed until this year.

With 2,000 racers signed up, the city of New York took action against this unofficial race in a dramatic fashion. The day before the event a court issued an order that all participants could be arrested for racing due to the safety hazard. So the Broadway Bomb organizers officially cancelled the race, but unofficially the race was still on.

Riders from all over the country had traveled to New York to partake and after all how could the police catch them all? Instead of an all out flash mob down Broadway, the event turned into more of a sporadic cruise around the NYPD roadblocks. But what could have been a huge negative in fact became a positive. The court ruling created not only local buzz, but national headlines in the media.

So in a city that normally never stops moving, this one October Saturday New York stopped to watch the skateboarders.

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