The new workspace: coming to an office near you

By Morgan Lynch

By Morgan Lynch

Workspaces have emerged from the single cubicle to new wide open spaces. First birthed in Silicon Valley they have spread across the country and landed in Boston. Workspaces aren’t the offices of old, if you can even call it that.

New workspaces are set on providing a different option to the traditional style of working. They provide a “walls down” approach that proponents believe fosters innovation and ideas. The open layout also allows worker to move, reach, and speak openly. Communication and privacy are key.  A happy balance seems to be achieved.

The goal of this new workplace is to shake up the establishment.  And take note. This workspace revolution may be coming to an office space near you.

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Morgan Lynch is a second year graduate student at Emerson College. Her goals as of now are to successfully complete her Master's program, find work as a television news producer, and attain a literary agent for thr YA Fiction manuscript she completed last year.

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