What do theologians, ministers think?

By Georgiaree Godfrey


We’ve heard from individuals who are homosexual and religious. We’ve also looked at a particular church that caters its service to the LGBT Community. We’ve even heard the opinions and ideology of a heterosexual reverend. But what do theologians think about the “rainbow religion.”

Walter Kaiser is a theologian particularly versed in the Old Testament. He has written several articles and chapters concerning homosexuality. He agrees that there is no place in the Bible that allows fingers to be pointed. There is no hierarchy of sin. Kaiser said we are all sinners in some way. Kaiser makes a clear distinction between homosexuals and practicing homosexuals. A practicing homosexual is a person who is attracted to the same sex and acts accordingly. On the other hand there are those individuals who have homosexual tendencies but because of religious tradition have taken a vow of celibacy. Kaiser doesn’t deny a place for homosexuals in church; however, he does explain if you do it for one, you do it for all. For example, Kaiser’s argument is if the church is open to homosexuals, shouldn’t it be the same for murderers, rapists, thieves, etc.? Kaiser supports open churches; however, he does not feel it is acceptable to quote that the church’s actions are affirming of God’s words.

Scott Matheney is a chaplain in Illinois at Elmhurst College. He has led the movement at the college to start a gay alliance on campus. Matheney details the different movements in the LGBT community that focus on religious progression. (DIGNITY, UCC, MCC) Even though it may seem common sense that church is a public forum the votes to be open and affirming is important. Homosexual individuals are more than welcome to attend service; however, simple rituals such as receiving communion or the sacraments are often limited and excluded from the homosexual population. Matheney believes in order to reverse conceptions in society; one needs to take a deeper look into themselves.

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